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Profile PictureSam Folks - 2021. October 01., 15:43

Do you see women going off and killing groups of men just because we are valued mostly just on our looks?
Girl, looking at the statistics even the most obese grotesque women are finding some sexuality or romance, unlike a big group at the lower percent of men.
at least you are valued for something..
unlike these invisible worker drones.
I think that men are blowing women way out of proportion. Even when I wasn't what is called a top dog, I still had no problem getting attractive women. And no woman has tried to screw me over. As I mentioned before, one of the women I'm seeing now spends a lot of money of money on me. And she isn't the first woman to do it.

Profile PictureSam Folks - 2020. March 17., 11:35

Of course not! Be kind to yourself, Letter Writer. Truly excellent advice, Moxie!

Profile PictureSam Folks - 2020. March 03., 09:00

Personally, I feel like telling a boyfriend that he can’t look at porn is a pretty huge boundary-buster. No one has a right to tell anyone else what they can and can’t do during their, errrr, “private time” (assuming whatever they’re looking at isn’t illegal, obviously). I have to agree with Moxie here, if you don’t cut it out, he’s running to the ex. My grandmother has a saying, “Whatever you fear most, if you let it run your life, will take on a life of its own and wind up actually happening.” Everyone gets insecure, but you’re really taking it over the top and it has nothing to do with what your boyfriend’s sex life was like before you came into the picture, his exes or anonymous boobs on the internet. Get to the root of why you’re feeling this way and I promise you’ll be about a million times happier for it!

Profile PictureSam Folks - 2020. January 08., 15:39

This past Friday, me, Sam and two of our friends attended yet another kinky play party, and it was even more intriguing than the last one (at least in my not so humble opinion).