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Open Backpage, Insert Foot by Sam Folks

It seems lately there has been several situations where I said something to a guy I wish I could take back. Nothing major, just a small comment here or there. We all do it. Wish we could take back what was just blurted out. It’s just too bad, we can’t just hit “command z” in our minds and have it “undo”.




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I had one encounter where I kept running into this guy at different events over a 2 month period. Of course, in my mind I thought maybe there’s a reason I keep running into him. So I should give him a minute.

I remember meeting him the 1st time and thinking he was interesting. We did exchange cards and information. So as many of us do, I looked him up on facebook. Not to become friends with him (of course), but to check him out a bit. (I assume this is normal? Or is it backpage women who just “check out” men…I wonder…)

Anyway, when we ran into each other at another event I really did not recognize him from the previous event. So when I caught his name, once again I looked him up on backpage, then realized, this is the same backpage guy I met at the previous event.

When we later spoke on the phone, he asked me how I figured it out. I said I looked him up on facebook. Of course, as soon as I said these words I wondered if telling him that was such a good idea… should I have filtered that information?

It doesn’t mean I was stalking him, believe me, just looking into who he is a bit. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Now onto story number two. Every now and then I run across a guy that I really hit it off with, where I am definitely attracted to their energy. Believe me, this doesn’t happen very often, so when it does, I tend to remember the backpage guy.

Last night, I ran into one of those such guys that I met a few years ago. I saw him standing next to me to order a drink at the bar. I looked at him and said, “Is your name Brian?” Then proceeded to say his last name. (Why the hell, did I do that?) He was shocked I remembered him. His first name and last.

I just wonder if I should be better about filtering what I say. The wrong impression may be perceived. Or should I look at it differently? They are fortunate that I am interested enough to look into them further and remember their name, right?

It’s just those times, where you wish you would of thought before speaking, ya know? We all do it. Open mouth, insert foot.