Should You Date an Older Man in College?

If you are just starting college, you may or may not know what to expect. Because college is a new experience, you want to meet new people and make new friends. Starting college can make you feel lonely, especially when you see happy couples. You may want to find a significant other, and for you, college seems like the perfect way to do it. You want to meet someone who is just as goal oriented as you are and who has a plan for the future. The guys you went to high school with just didn’t meet your expectations, but now you have a whole different sea of fishes to choose from. If you want to meet upperclassmen boys who are a few years ahead of you, you may want to know if you should date one. The choice is one that you need to make, but knowing whether or not it is a wise idea is always helpful.

Say you met a cute guy who is a junior. You are only a freshman, but you get along really well. You have a lot in common and he wants the same things in life that you want. You’re perfectly compatible. If this boy asks you out on a date, you want to know how to answer. Because he is only two years ahead of you in school, it is perfectly acceptable for you to go on a date with him and even have a relationship if that is where the road may lead. Many times, huge age differences are not looked upon fondly, but two years is nothing in today’s era. If you like him, then yes, you should date him. On another hand, if you’re out at the club with your friends, and you meet a semi-older business man who seems interested in you and asks you out on the date, you may want to know what the best way to handle it is. If you feel that he isn’t too old for you and you like him, it may be worth getting to know him. By no means do you have to rush into a relationship with anyone! Going out on dates is completely harmless and will never hurt a thing! If all else fails, you made a new friend and nothing more. You need to decide for yourself whether you want to date guys who are in the same class as you or who are a bit older.

Many girls do actually date older men and many times, they wind up marrying these men. If you are looking to meet someone new in college and you are interested in someone slightly older than you, feel free to go on the date! Only you can decide who is within your age range and who you feel comfortable with. Ruling someone out who is slightly older can ruin a good thing for you. Keep an open mind and have fun!;redirect=

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