Why Men Love Bitches

It could be your brother, your best friend or even your ex, but all of us know a man who constantly falls in love with women who are bitches. It just seems as though more and more men love bitches. And we ask ourselves, why the hell does he stick around when she is just so freakin’ cruel to him?

Why men love bitches. Why indeed.

Nice girls tend to have it together. They treat a man well and will sacrifice whatever’s necessary for the good of the relationship. But bitches, they just don’t seem to care about what their boyfriends think about anything and just go about their own business.

It’s not really that difficult to figure out – everyone wants what they think they can’t have. It’s the human condition. Think about it.

If you met two guys and one gave you everything you wanted when you wanted it and ditched all his friends so he could spend all his time with you, and the other guy made it clear that he liked you, but consistently did as he pleased, who do you think you would spend more time thinking about?

That’s right. There’s something about a partner that doesn’t give in to your every whim that is a real turn on for all men.

That said, let me spell it out for you. Here are the reasons why men love bitches.

Why men love bitches reason #1

Bitches stand up for themselves

If he thinks he can tell her where to go, when to go and who to hang out with, he will never hear the end of it. She’s outspoken and bold, and doesn’t rely on anyone to do her bidding.

A bitch knows how to take care of herself when worse comes to worst and doesn’t mind letting her man know when he’s managed to upset her. In essence, she ends up conditioning him and he begins to cater to her needs.

Why men love bitches reason #2

Bitches maintain their independence

She has a boatload of friends that she sees almost every week and she won’t compromise her relationships with friends for him, or anyone for that matter.

Her daily schedule is always full and even he needs to make an appointment with her if he wants to see her. The point is that she doesn’t drop everything the minute he calls and this, in turn, makes men love bitches even more.

Why men love bitches reason #3

Men love the chase

The fact that she’s not readily available nor will she make herself so drives men crazy with desire. It’s difficult to figure out how to keep her because she doesn’t let off any “vulnerability” vibes.

Her attitude is aloof and she behaves as though losing him wouldn’t be a great loss. Of course, that’s probably not true at all, but making him believe it is what keeps him on a tight leash.

Why men love bitches reason #4

She has male qualities

Although she isn’t a man in any sense of the word, she tends to take on his traits via her behavior and actions. She doesn’t cry and she will not accept his crying either – especially not over her.

She’s strong and independent, and doesn’t believe in relying on anyone to support her financially or otherwise. Her predominantly male characteristics are a huge leap away from what men are used to and this makes the bitch worth pursuing.

Why men love bitches reason #5

Dominant in bed

A bitch’s behavior in public usually translates into the bedroom as well. You usually won’t see any vulnerability or softness from her in bed. Instead, she prefers to take the bull by the horns and get on top.

Of course, when she does take it easy and become soft in bed, her man of choice will be fascinated by her sudden change in behavior, thus making her even more mysterious and challenging to figure out.

Men love bitches, you should be one

There’s no need for you to alter your behavior, but it is important to understand that, in order to keep a man and maintain your own happiness in a relationship, you should not lose yourself in him.

Yes, you do have to make sacrifices, but if they’re the kinds of sacrifices that will create resentment down the line, are they really worth it? Don’t be a bitch, by any means, but do find the strength to be a whole person on your own. Bitch.

  • Sam Folks
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  • 2019. May 30.
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