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New Year's Resolutions For Singles, Grown by Paul Laster

Turns out resolutions don't really amount to much without commitment and follow-through.

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A quick peruse through my diary from the beginning of 2022 informed me that along with having a different hair color, I was also a bit of a mess. By bit of a mess I mean my diary was actually a wrinkled piece of notebook paper with vodka and tear stains and a scribbled promise to drink less and date better guys. Oh how times have (sorta) changed!

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Many of us are celebrating New Year’s Eve either newly graduated or soon to finish up our time as a student. Getting close to graduation means getting far away from the mentality and habits that come from being in college. It means signing job contracts and working every single day no matter what. It means paying for bills upon bills upon bills. When it comes to starting a new year with these new kinds of responsibilities, resolutions involve things more important than cutting back on Facebook time or watching less of the Kardashians.

“Nobody wants to look back and wish they would have done a better job at taking opportunities and really devoting themselves to it.”

But when it really comes down to it, a resolution is a load of shit without the follow through. Anyone can have goals. It’s easy to want a lot of things. Duh. However, it turns out you that can’t get a lot done without commitment. For the commitment phobes out there, it’s time to start thinking of commitment like making an emotional investment. If you have a bunch of money but you never put it in any stock, it’s doing nothing. Don't write your goal on a piece of paper or tape pictures of what you want around your room. Sign up for classes you can't cancel on, join gyms with a 6-month contract, and plan trips with non-refundable flights.

Relationships can never go anywhere without a real sense of commitment. Don't say you'll try to work through a problem. Say you will work through a problem. If there's a sense of expiration date or an escape plan, it's nearly impossible to really put your best foot forward. Side note, if anyone knows how you go about finding which foot is truly your best one, let me know.

If you're single, commit to that shit too. Date the hell out of yourself. Buy your ass steak dinners and new outfits. Spend enough time pampering and loving yourself when you're alone so that you can be stable and happy when you're not. Half-assing things are only going to leave you with half a bored ass and a whole bunch of regrets. Nobody wants to look back and wish they would have done a better job at taking opportunities and really devoting themselves to it.

As scary as it is to put all of your eggs in one basket, it's technically the only way to actually end up with all of your eggs. And if the person holding the basket has worked to be strong and stable, they'll be fine no matter how many times that basket drops. A lot of people say they would rather have loved and lost than never loved at all and I used to think that was a really stupid thing to say. But the older I get the more I realize that bad shit is inevitable and it makes the good shit all the more... well, good. Things may end or the may not but don't you want to know that you at least went for it?

So after you're done nursing your hangover and apologizing to your parents for leaving blackout New Year’s voicemails, think about what you want and commit to the actions that are going to get you there. Committing doesn't have to mean trapping yourself in, but without it you can guarantee you’ll end up stuck with a whole lot of nothing.