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I found that amalgam patients have a significant number of psoriasis patients. The hypothesis that psoriasis may have a connection with a heavy metal burden has been discussed in our circles for a long time. For us it is clear that amalgam, or mercury, is probably the most dangerous seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery, but by far not the only heavy metal that can cause health problems. Is striking: that psoriasis often occurs symmetrically to the body axis. This is a strong indication that the cause is not superficial (skin), but lies within the body

That psoriasis often occurs in places that lie on or near joints. Elbow, buttocks (near hip bones); lateral head part or joint of the lower jaw. (This statement is based on my individual observations and requires verification.)  There is psoriasis, which precedes an arthritis by a few years.

- Heavy metal patients almost invariably have a very dry skin. Explanation: Heavy metals can also be excreted to a limited extent via the skin. During the elimination of heavy metals via the welding process seborrheic keratosis removal, the (lipophilic) heavy metals take grease with them and thus degrease the skin. Very dry skin is, according to my observations, an indication of a possible heavy metal load!

Heavy metals accumulate in the joints, among other things. There they can then trigger the inflammatory arthritis seborrheic dermatitis hair loss recovery. The body does not find any way to remove the heavy metal from the joints. He may be trying to create these heavy metals via the third excretory organ - the skin - to the outside. Psoriasis is then produced at the skin of the skin. Thus, psoriasis would have to occur where the shortest distance from the joint to the skin is present.

This "joint hypothesis" of psoriasis must, of course, be statistically verified and questioned critically at all. It should prove plausible at least for some of the cases. According to my observations, it does not apply to the joints of the upper arm, for which I have no explanation. Hand and foot joints are also rarely affected by psoriasis (?).

The thesis of dermatologists, according to which psoriasis is genetic, seems to me questionable. Especially because the mechanisms of transmission of heavy metals from mother to child have been demonstrated. For example by the German toxicologist (= explores the toxicity of substances) Gustav Drasch from the University of Munich.

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  • 2017. October 09.
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