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favourite camisetas futbol song on your ipod

Marvin Sordell on Thierry Henry and cooking in a onesie


Thierry Henry. On the pitch he was a genius, a legend. His technique, his movement, his goals record. Simply brilliant and graceful he could do it all. Off it, he is very charismatic and as a person he oozes class. .


What would you be if you weren't a footballer?


Probably a chef. I love to cook, it is a real passion of mine. I really enjoy creating something out of the ingredients and take a lot of satisfaction from camisetas baratas de futbol it. I like to think I am quite good.


My best dish seems to change depending on how I feel. The best I have made recently is a cream cheese and pesto sauce pasta with chicken Milanese. Very tasty.


What has been your career highlight?


Playing in the Olympics camisetas futbol baratas for Team GB last summer was just incredible. It was a home Olympic Games and whatever people think about football in the Olympics, it was a huge honour. It was a truly great thing to be part of.


Getting released from my scholarship at Fulham when I was 16. It a very, very low feeling.


If your house was burning down, what one possession would you save?


I have two Team GB football shirts from the Olympics. One of them was signed by Ryan Giggs and one was signed by the whole squad. Ryan Giggs is an absolute legend and inspiration.


What is your favourite camisetas futbol song on your ipod?


The first of The Hunger Games trilogy. It is superb, so well written. I watched the movie as well and that was very good. I do like to read a lot. I am campaigning to end human trafficking and my involvement in that came from a book I read Sophie Hayes book (Trafficked). It is about her experiences of being taken to Italy and forced to work as a sex slave. I read that on the plane to the England Under 21 match against Serbia last year. It was very powerful and very moving and it left me feeling like I wanted to do something about it.

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